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Mango Power Girl Photography

MPG PhotographyMango Power Girl and I are proud to present her new portfolio at Mango Power Girl Photography. There are new photos and diptychs from MPG and for my part, upgrades to the design and features of the site.

The short answer on its technical details: I started with WordPress and phT for YAPB and customized each. I would not release the work I did for MPG as a stand-alone set of code, but I could do similar work for any photographer or artist and so could you, with the tools I referenced.

Mango Power Girl Photography
If you’re considering WordPress then ready-made themes I might work with include from from Germany, or the flexible and simple

Design side, MPG and I surfed roughly 75 to 100 good photography portfolios, first. Design memes emerged which made laying it out and color choices simple, per the goal of looking professional or industry standard.

A portfolio site and especially in photography should stay nearly out of view, moving you through scenes like a stage crew. This is not the time for gimmicky user interfaces in Flash which take two minutes to load and invent whole new ways to use a mouse — portfolios for which relatively few potential clients will have patience.

MPG needed graphics to represent her portfolio on other sites, and to incorporate it within those sites, such as her own On the left is one such graphic, which is shown in a sidebar of her site like a “tower” ad, linking to her portfolio.

MPG’s portfolio feature requirements included:

  • — to be able to update it herself,
  • — to have it easy to page through, with large-enough photos one at a time, and
  • — to have categories with “thumbnail” views per each including an “all photos” category.

MPG’s photography portfolio is broadly compatible across browsers, operating systems, and even hardware and display settings, e.g. scaling well for lower screen resolutions while maintaining image quality.

Above all MPG’s photos are a joy to see. View select work at Mango Power Girl Photography, hundreds more photos centering on food, nature, markets, and related stories at Mango Power Girl, and thousands more of her photographs, one uploaded almost daily in MPG’s flickr stream.

p.s. for a super fast portfolio, you can also tag photos or group them in a set on flickr. For a tag, try the word ‘portfolio’ or any word, then to present the portfolio, share only a link to the slideshow flickr automagically generates per tag or set.

Here’s an example from my own flickr stream, showing photos I have tagged with “wallpaper” meaning they could be used as a computer desktop, wallpaper, or background image:

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Upcoming @ Pacific Science Center?

Joey Mornin, @joemornin on Twitter and a research assistant at the Berkman Center, had tweeted “I have seen the future, and it is a Carl Sagan/Stephen Hawking remix …” (11:24 AM Oct 2nd from TweetDeck). That I had to see, and when I saw it I had to tweet: “This Carl Sagan Stephen Hawking remix … should play on a wall @PacSci :) via @joeymornin” (11:35 AM Oct 2nd from Google Wave (Tweety)).

Pacific Science Center, @PacSci on Twitter, understands social media. As every person, business, or organization using social media ought to be, in a word they are: social. When I mention @PacSci, they watch for it and in this case their response was: “RT @brianglanz: This Carl Sagan Stephen Hawking remix … should play on a wall @PacSci :) via @joeymornin <GLORIOUS!>” (11:43 AM Oct 2nd from Seesmic). They responded quickly, giving credit to Joey Mornin and me, and added their own comment, <GLORIOUS!> — all in 140 characters. <yoda>Impressive!</yoda>

Will the “A Glorious Dawn” remix actually appear at the Pacific Science Center? Whether on a wall, at a kiosk, or on screen before IMAX films I do think this sort of “citizen media” should be displayed alongside “citizen science” in our educational and cultural institutions. This video accentuates and amplifies important parts of the messages Sagan, Hawking, and science at large have to share. In an incomplete circle, science has made possible the technology, has made possible the culture, has made possible great grassroots work like this media; science needs to close the circle and better connect with the community.

Quintin Doroquez, @quintind on Twitter chimed in, too by tweeting “@brianglanz That was brilliant!” (11:57 AM Oct 2nd from Tweetie) and I could not agree more. Thanks and congratulations to the creator of “A Glorious Dawn,” John Boswell, melodysheep on YouTube, whose video has a perfect 5 out of 5 stars after thousands of ratings and more than 600,000 views in its first two weeks.

还原真相:To Restore The Truth


Twenty years ago on June 4, 1989, thousands of pro-democracy protesters — most of them students — were killed by the Chinese government where they gathered peacefully, in Tiananmen Square.

Seattle’s Ken Judd en Montage

Update: you are seeing this message if MySpace took the video down, again; I have it coded to show if the video cannot. The audio is out of copyright due to its age, but regularly trips MySpace automatic filters. I have had it unbanned twice by people, only to be re-banned. Alas! It is a montage from my photos of the works of Seattle’s Ken Judd.

I may remaster the video — publish a higher resolution, remove the birthday reference, add a new opening and closing, etc. Generally, this is a test of displaying video on while it is hosted here by MySpace.

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